8 -10 pieces of swabian Maultaschen with meat, handmade according to traditional recipe - 1,2

Fresh shipment only Germany - Pay attention to the exact shipping day of the week. 1-2 days delivery time / optional 24 h.

Possible delivery method: Insulated bag <7 ° C (Germany only)



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8 - 10 swabian Maultaschen with meat, handmade according to a traditional recipe / 1,2 kg

Delivery scope:

  • approx. 8 - 10 swabian Maultaschen, each Maultasche approx. 100 g - 150 g
  • depending on production size and weight may vary slightly (not an industrial product!)
  • vacuumed in packs of 2 (sometimes also 3)
  • total net weight more than 1,2 kg
  • each order is weighed separately before shipment
  • the ordered weight quantity is rounded up accordingly
  • supplied in hemp isolated bags, cooled to < 7 °C
  • shipping only in Germany


Shipping days & delivery time:

  • shipping days are Tuesday and Wednesday
  • delivery done with DHL or UPS with a delivery time of 1 -2 days after shipment day
  • optional 24 h Express with extra charge (to be selected during ordering process)
  • on the day of dispatch, you will receive a shipment confirmation via Email with a tracking link
  • during tracking you will receive further information via Email about the exact delivery time
  • you can also get all information via the tracking link

Storage & time of expiry:

  • after delivery to be used immediately or stored in the fridge at max. 7 °C
  • after delivery, it can be stored in your frigde at max. 7 °C for at least 14 days
  • in the freezer it can be stored for 12 weeks or longer
  • until the best before day, we guarantee a consistant quality in all respects

Warm in the broth (do not boil!) or slice and sauté.

Filling (pork and beef 55%, wheat flour, onions, leek, spinach, parsley, whole egg, drinking water, table salt, spices, yeast, stabilizer: E450, smoke), dough (durum wheat semolina, drinking water, wheat flour, whole egg, table salt), celery - ingredients in bold are allergens.

nutrition facts
100 g
Energy 834 kJ /
199 kcal
    of which saturated fat
10,6 g
4,4 g
    of which sugar
14,7 g
<0,5 g
Protein 11,3 g
Salt 1,5 g


Butcher WALZ, owner Dieter Kempter, Beckengasse 16, 73660 Urbach/Rems, approval number: 66731122
More information about origin & manufacturer

Mehr Infos zum Hersteller Herrn Kempter hier klicken ...
Mr Kempter making the Maultaschen / For more information click here





Who invented it? The Swabians of course!
As a full main meal, original Swabian Maultaschen are among the true classics in German cuisine and are now popular far beyond the Swabian borders. (They have been protected in the EU in their certificate of origin since 2009.)

We offer you the best butcher Maultaschen, which are made in the immediate vicinity in Urbach - according to a traditional recipe, made with love and by hand! With a crust made of tasty pasta dough and a filling of carefully selected ingredients - carefully processed, with a strong, natural taste. Of course, everything without preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Our Maultaschen not only taste great, they can also be prepared in an incredible variety of ways: marinated in rich broth, fried with egg, baked in the oven, melted, grilled, in a salad, with tomato sauce ... according to your taste, but always a treat!



We put a lot of thought into the packaging.
The Maultaschen you order will be shipped in special, high-quality hemp bags with ice packs. Hemp insulates just as well as styrofoam, but has a significantly better ecological balance in comparison:

  • Hemp is an extremely fast-growing raw material
  • 97% of the plant can be used
  • cultivation does not require fertilizers or pesticides
  • the fertility of the soil is improved
  • Hemp removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than is released from cultivation to reaching the processing plant



The hemp bag is a 100 percent natural product! It can be fully composted or depolluted with organic/paper waste without hesitation. The ice packs are filled with pure water (no polluting cooling gel) and can be depolluted in the Yellow Bin.

Even better: instead of depollute, you can use the hemp bags as well as the ice packs for your own purpose trouble-free. Or you collect the bags. From 3 bags you can return them to us free of charge, with the appropriate return label. Bags will be cleaned and reused by us then.





Important informationen about the fresh delivery

When are the Maultaschen produced?
The Maultaschen are freshly produced once a week on Tuesdays, need to cool down first and are vacuumed after the cooling phase. From the nex day they can be sent out.

Are my Maultaschen sent out cooled?
Yes, of course! Although the Maultaschen are pre-cooked (some Swabians even eat them cold from the refrigerator), they need to be shipped out cooled as required by law. Due to our special cooling packaging the cold chain is definitely not interrupted - not even after 48 hours.

Are the Maultaschen also sent out in summer?
Of course, you will receive the Maultaschen from us as usual, even on the hottest days of the year. At particularly high temperatures, we simply include an additional cooling element into insulating bag. This means that the cold chain is not interrupted even on hot summer days.

When will I get my Maultaschen?
We ship your Maultaschen with DHL or UPS. The Maultaschen will reach you within the next 2 days. We will inform you about the progress of the shipment via email.

What do I need to observe at receipt?
Please make sure that the package can be received by yourself from our logistics partner DHL or UPS. If you are not able to receive the delivery yourself at home, you can authorize a neighbor to accept the delivery for you or you can specify a different delivery address when ordering in our shop.





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