PriSecco "Cuvée Nr.23" - alcohol-free Rhubarb | Apple | Blossoms

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PriSecco "Cuvée Nr.21" - alcohol-free Manufactur_Joerg_Geiger
Rhubarb | Apple | Blossoms

Swabian GrasslandFruit, craftsmanship perfection and passion - all these mark the products from the manufacture Jörg Geiger.

Alkohol-free PriSeccos - this is a unique combination of the Swabian Alb 'Streuobstwiesen' and the diversity of the herbs, bushes and blossoms that prosper there.

This special Cuvée No 23 doesn't combine different grape varieties, but two fruit types meet a splendidly blooming meadow with all its variety of spices.

Rhubarb and apple, refined with rose and apple blossoms as well as fine spices, make this cuvée a special alcohol-free pleasure drink.

PriSecco - a fruity, fresh enjoyment with a bitter aftertaste.

  • smell: dominant freshness from rhubarb with a slight flavour of apple and rose blossoms
  • taste: fresh apple, present and lasting dock and oxalis acidity with a tart aftertaste
  • drinking temperature: 8 - 10 °C
  • recommendation: asparagus salad with strawberries, dishes with fresh, raw tuna and salmon
  • drinking glass: champagne glass

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Storage & storage life:

  • minimum durability 1 year or more
  • keep dark and cool

Rhubarb juice (54%) apple juice (46%), rose and apple blossoms, spicery and carbon dioxide.

nutrition facts
for 100 ml
Energy 125,7 kJ
30 kcal
    saturated fat
<0,1   g
<0,07 g
    of which sugar
5,9 g
5,7 g
Protein <0,3 g
Salt <0,05 g

Manufaktur Jörg Geiger GmbH, Eschenbacher Straße 1, 73114 Schlat bei Göppingen, Germany
Control by: DE-ÖKO-006

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