Coffee / Espresso Grinder QUITO, stainless steel / glass - #041095

Coffee / Espresso Grinder QUITO, stainless steel / glass - #041095


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Zassenhaus Coffee / Espresso Grinder QUITO, stainless steel / glass

Modern timeless design, capacity bean container 50 g, original Zassenhaus stainless steel grinder, consistent uniform grind from coarse to powder-fine.

  • First-class material, excellent quality and precise function is what the name Zassenhaus, the leading manufacturer of manual coffee mills, has stood for since 1867
  • The Zassenhaus coffee mills are built to grind coffee the PERFECT way
  • The original Zassenhaus conical burr grinder, machined from high grade tool steel and hardened, guarantees to produce a proper grind, suitable for any coffee brewing system, and to maintain their optimum cutting edges
  • The step-less adjustment guarantees a consistent uniform grind from coarse to powderfine, with the least possible heat build-up, to protect the most delicate flavors of gourmet coffee

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Additional product information

Grinder Mechanism Stainless steel
Grinding Degree From fine to super fine
Drive unit Hand operated
Bean Container 50 g Capacity
Application Coffee pusher / French Press, Espresso / Mocca, Karslbader Pot / Bayreuther Pot, filter coffee / drip brewing
Dimension 22,0 x Ø 6,0 cm / 24 x 14,5 x 8,5 cm (packed)
Weight 0,54 kg / 0,71 kg (shipping weight)
Material stainless steel, tritan, glass
Manufacturer Zassenhaus
Manufacturer ID 041095

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