Barometer brass / walnut 170 mm - 1436R-12 (US version)

Barometer brass / walnut 170 mm - 1436R-12 (US version)

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Barometer Pascal 170 mm - 1436R-22 (us version)

Barometer "Pascal" 170 mm - 1436R-12 (US version)

Beautiful, classic barometer for house, garden or office. The barometer with open movement by Fischer of Germany represents high quality made in Germany and shows off with its outstanding design.
Made in Germany Fischer Barometer 1436R-22 (us version)
The barometer of the design line "Pascal" not only fascinates by its sophisticated and elegant looks but also enables you to notice any change in weather. The precise craftsmanship and high-precision instruments allow exact measurement of air pressure so that inclement weather will not be a surprise.
Perfectly suitable as a gift!
  • Longevity due to high-quality materials
  • High-precision measurement
  • Quality made in Germany by the traditional company Fischer Germany
  • Easy to adjust
  • Splendid craftsmanship
  • Decorative and functional
  • With ring hanger
Anzeige Fischer Barometer 1436R-22 (us version)Display:
  • Display in English ("Stormy" / "Change" / "Very Dry")
  • Inner scale: air pressure in hPa
  • Outer scale: air pressure in inch (elevated)!
  • Adjustable reference pointer for tracing changes in pressure
  • Frame: 170 mm or 6.69 inch
  • Barometer: 130 mm or 5.11 inch
  • Open movement: 60 mm or 2.36 inch
  • Depth: 45 mm or  1.77 inch
  • Weight: 623 g
Materials Fischer Barometer 1436R-22 (us version)Materials:
  • Cover made of mineral glass
  • Diamond ground brass
  • Real wood, walnut color, etched and varnished
 Range of application:
  • Only indoors
Scope of delivery:
  • Fischer Barometer "Pascal" in brass-walnut design
  • Original manufacturing number 1436R-12 (US version)
  • Manual providing the most important information on weather (German & English)
  • Local attitude set on 0 m
  • Actual local attitude is set according to instructions before first use
  • Weight (packing included) 717 g

What does a barometer measure?
A barometer is a device to measure the atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure is measured by deformation of a flat and airless metal box. When the pressure raises the box contracts, when the pressure sinks the box expands. A high-precision measuring unit transfers this movement to a pointer which then displays the air pressure on a scale.
Air pressure and climate
Changes in weather are primarily determined by changes in air pressure. Due to the gravity earth is surrounded by a mantle of air (atmosphere).The static pressure that acts to the surface of the earth is called atmospheric pressure. Slow but steady rise of air pressure gives outlook to a profound and settled improvement in weather. A sharp rise, however, is most of the times accompanied by sharp falls which indicate unsteady changes in weather. This unsteady changes lead often to worsening of the weather.
Fischer Barometer 1436R-22 (English)
Information on Feingeräte K. Fischer GmbH
Headquarter of Fischer till 1997
Headquarter of Fischer Barometer till 1997
Fischer Germany stands for tradition and high-quality measuring instruments for weather & climate with elegant and timeless design made in Germany. Founded in 1945, the company provides reliability at all levels and offers state-of-the-art manufacturing. All products are exclusively made by hand and assembled in the German part of the Ore Mountains. With over 70 years of experience the company leaves no doubt in terms of quality, manufacturing or adjustment of all instruments.
Moreover, Fischer Germany is a strong advocate of sustainability and environmental friendly manufacturing methods.
New Headquarter, built in 1997
New Headquarter of Fischer Barometer
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