Barigo Weather Station, Brass / Mahogany Color, °F/Inch US-Version - Nr. 3026


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Barigo Weather Station Nr. 3026 with Barometer, Hygrometer & Thermometer, °F/Inch (US-Version )




This modern Barigo weather station with barometer, hygrometer and thermometer displays air pressure, temperature and humidity in an extraordinary design.

The scales are made of brass and are located on top of each other, every single one on an independently rotating roll. All this sits on a mahogany painted wooden base. An acrylic cone shelters the open technique.


Barigo Weather Station GOLD  No. 3026 US version (Inch / °F)



Product Information


  • Analog table weather station
  • For indoor use
  • Dial: Ø 70 mm
  • Case: 160 x Ø 110 mm
  • Weight: 525 g
  • Brass, acrylic cover, wooden base mahogany coloured
  • Made in Germany


  • Scale from 29 ... 31 Inches
  • Resolution 0.05 Inch
  • Tolerance +/- 0.0591 Inche in the range 28.94 ... 30.42 Inches


  • Scale from 17 °F ... 123 °F
  • Resolution 2 °F
  • Tolerance +/- 1.8 °F in the range 17 ... 104 °F


  • Scale from 0% RH ... 100% RH
  • Resolution 1% RH
  • Tolerance +/- 5% in the range 40 ... 70% RH


  • Gift Box
  • Measures: 203 x 139 x 137 mm
  • Weight 625 g brutto

Barigo Weather Station GOLD  No. 3026 US version Made in Germany






User Instructions

Disregard the words Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair and Dry as therse are only traditional zones on a barometer dial. Your barometer indicating hand will never move all the way to Rain to predict rain or to Stormy to predict inclement weather. The normal operating range of movement for your barometer indicating hand is from 29.5 to 30.5 inches of mercury (1000 – 1025 hPa).

If it moves to the right you have a rising barometer which usually means a change for the better or continued good weather. If the reading is to the left you have a falling barometer, which usually means a change for the worse. A steady barometer means no change. For accurate weather predictions, it is highly important that your barometer is adjusted to sea level. The correct sea level reading can be obtained from your Weather Bureau or television weather forecasts.

Readings obtained from your barometer indicate weather conditions that may prevail within the next 24 to 48 hours, providing wind direction and velocity remain the same as when readings were obtained.


Barigo Weather Station 3026 Fahrenheit GOLD Fahrenheit  US version


Adjustment of the Barometer:
In the event that your barometer does not read exactly like the reading obtained from your local weather forecast, the instrument should be adjusted. The indicating hand of the barometer may be adjusted by turning the set screw in a small opening at the bottom of the instrument. A small screw driver or the point of a knife blade may be used to turn this screw.

The Hygrometer or Humidity Indicator is designed for indoor use. While indoor and outdoor barometric pressure are identical, this is not true of the relative humidity. Therefore, remember that this instrument indicates the humidity of room atmosphere which has no relation to the outdoor humidity readings announce on weather reports. Comfortable conditions are obtained with a relative humidity between 40 and 70%.
Hygrometer reading may be adjusted through the center hole in the bottom of the instrument. With a screwdriver the regulating slot ca be reached at the depth of about 5cm (2”).

Temperature reading is assured by a Bimetal Thermometer (dial type). No maintenance or adjustments are required.


- Also available in the silver-colored version "brass, nickel-plated" [click here] -
Barigo Weather Station 3026 Fahrenheit Sun Rain Stormy Sea


- Safe delivery in a matching gift box (inlay foam!)-

Barigo Weather Station 3026 Fahrenheit Gift Box


Barigo Weather Station 3026-Fahrenheit Gift Box closed


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